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Lavinia Wohlfarth ("Vinnie") is the Wohlfarth Galleries director. (Read DC North article about Vinnie Wohlfarth)

A fifth generation Washingtonian, and entrepreneur, she lives in the home she grew up in the Historic neighborhood of Brookland in Washington, DC.

Lavinia Wohlfarth enjoyed a successful seventeen-year career as a Washington DC restaurateur. Following a one year sabbatical in 1987, she commenced a new career as a gallerist, and established Wohlfarth Galleries in the Washington DC neighborhood in which she lives.  A second, seasonal gallery was established 1991, in the art colony of Provincetown, Massachusetts.  Both galleries continue to thrive today.

In the early years Wohlfarth Galleries was established to bring focus to Henry Hensche and the students of the Cape Cod School of Art located in Provincetown , Ma.  Lavinia Wohlfarth lead the field in the study and exhibit of the students of the Cape School of Art in the tradition of Charles Hawthorne and Henry Hensche. Today she is known as an expert in the study of American Impressionism, and most particularly the works of Henry Hensche. The Galleries permanent collection is one of renowned importance on the subject of Henry Hensche and The Cape School of Art.

In 2008 Lavinia Wohlfarth opened the Curators Room, as part of Wohlfarth Galleries, in Provincetown Ma.


This is the Wohlfarth Galleries' 20th season. We are an American Impressionist gallery of fine paintings and drawings, representing painters of the Cape Cod School of Art in the tradition of Charles Hawthorne and Henry Hensche.

Washington D.C. location

Wohlfarth Galleries have two locations: one in Washington DC, and one in Provincetown, MA. For information on the summer exhibition series at the Provincetown location, please go to our Summer Shows page.

Provincetown, MA location